7DS Updates 3.31.20

Hi Everyone,

The last 2 weeks have been some of the most challenging weeks for our business. When all of this started a softball dad reached out and said something that has stuck with me: "Tough times don't last, tough people do". I have this quote taped above my desk as a daily reminder to stay positive and find joy in this journey. 

I am grateful for all the support we are getting from our community. It makes me so happy to see pictures of the girls practicing and I just started receiving the letters back from our postcards! (If you missed our postcard project I included the information below.)

Our goal from day one has been simple: empower girls through the sport of softball. We know that our lessons extend far beyond the diamond and 7DS’ walls. We want to stay connected with our community through this challenging time.

7 Deadly Spins Fastpitch will remain closed until April 30. Our team has been working hard to be creative and come up with ways to keep students engaged while the facility is closed. 

Here’s what we are doing:

FREE Workouts

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in April


Instructors: Coordinated Health Sports Performance Team

Sign Up Link: https://7deadlyspinsfastpitch.as.me/30minuteworkout

*The Zoom link to join the workout is in the confirmation email

FREE Group Check-Ins with Alex and Taylor

Alex: Every Monday at 3:30pm

Taylor: Every Wednesday at 3:30pm and every Friday at 3:30pm

Join us for a tip of the day, drill of the day, ask questions (live or on the Google Sheet), and let us know how you are doing! This is for ANY student! 

Check In Link: https://7deadlyspinsfastpitch.as.me/CheckinAlexTaylor

Google Forms for Questions: 


Video Lessons:

All of our instructors are available for remote training. We are offering video lessons and have 30 and 60-minute private lessons available. You don’t need a full distance or a batting cage to have a great lesson. We have students in their living room, in their garage and in their basement! 

Below is some feedback:

“I have found video lessons to be a huge benefit. My daughter is really focused without the distraction of surroundings people and noises of other lessons around her. Having the instructor give instant feedback via emailed notes after the session is a great way to continue working on problem areas after the lesson is over”

“It is easy to use! We still get the same feedback and level of instruction as if we were in the same room”

“I really like the online lessons. It is really helping my daughter. I hope you continue them!”

“We found it helpful for our daughter! Alex is able to assess her mechanics and give her feedback on what adjustments to make despite not being in person. The time works for us and it is easy to log on”

“It went great. She wasn’t happy with her batting but after a few minutes with Terry she has seen tremendous results. She hit one out of the park and knocked a couple dozen off the fence. Just talking to him raised her spirits 100% and made a huge difference”

Video Lesson Sign-Up Link https://7deadlyspinsfastpitch.as.me/VideoLessons

Student Spotlights:

We will be posting student spotlights on our social media for the entire month of April. Every day we will recognize a few students for their hard work and dedication to this sport! If you’d like to participate the student spotlight please complete the form below.

Google Forms Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSepZgoMQwdZ3uO2PKHr8k-i4wxailUHv7JxjtOMga7jfE9D8g/viewform?usp=sf_link 

Post Cards:

We have 100 postcards to send out! Here's the catch...if we send one to you then you have to write us back! 

You can address your letter back to any instructor and I will make sure it gets to them! Or address is back to 7DS in general (A return address will be listed on the postcard).


Stay Positive,