Tincher Pitching

Designed by Denny Tincher


The Tincher Method was designed by Denny Tincher, father and  pitching instructor for 2008 College Player of the Year, Angela  Tincher, who stunned the world in 2008 with a no-hitter against the U.S.  Olympic Team. Together, they developed some unique approaches to  softball pitching, and Denny has found these to be quite successful with  other pitchers throughout the east. Denny, a graduate of Marshall  University with a Master’s degree in communications, particularly enjoys  the challenge of working with experienced pitchers who have reached a  plateau and cannot seem to get to the next level.

In a sport where dominating pitchers tend to be well over 6-feet in  height, people often ask us how a pitcher like Angela, just 5’7″, could  pitch at speeds around 68-mph, achieve so much movement on the ball, and  establish herself among the top pitchers in the college softball record  books.  He calls it the Tincher Maximum Energy Transfer System, a  technique that transfers the body’s energy for the ultimate advantage  on the mound.  It allows pitchers of average height to utilize their  natural strengths, specific to the female body, in ways they might not  have considered previously.  And, yes, for taller pitchers who feel  there is “power left in their body that they just can’t unleash”, they  are always surprised at how easy it is to make small changes that bring  exciting results while pitching more comfortably.

The goal is to help your pitcher discover ways to pitch much more  smoothly, lengthen the stride, engage the legs more fully, and enjoy  safe and healthy pitching mechanics that lead to more power, greater  endurance, and more dramatic movement pitches.  Can the Tincher Maximum Energy Transfer System work for you?