Sally Whittaker-Kahan, Northampton Area High School Coach

“Alex is one of the most talented, dedicated and hardworking players I  have ever coached. Her love and passion for the game of softball has  enabled her to become an awesome teacher of the game. If you want your  athlete to reach her highest potential in the game of softball, Alex  MacLean will get her there”


Chad Zamadics – Walnutport PA

“With two daughters that range from 10 & Under to 14 & Under it  is great to have found a pitching instructor who has gone through it all  herself. Basic pitching mechanics, drills, advanced pitching technique  and fitness and conditioning exercises can all be shown. After just 4  lessons over two weeks my daughter Jade, with a lot of help from Alex,  was able to turn her curveball from a lost pitch back into her strikeout  pitch. Thank you, Alex!"


Sam Kszepka “Coach K”, Former Bucknell Assistant Coach, Current Juniata College Head Coach

“Alex was one of the most fun pitchers I’ve ever coached. Not only did  she have the work ethic and drive to work hard daily, she had a great  understanding for the basic mechanics as well as what needed to be done  to perfect her pitches. She also has great body awareness and was always  able to make adjustments on the fly. This allows her to not only  demonstrate the skill to her students but is also able to describe what  the pitcher should be feeling throughout the phases of the motion. Her  “go get em” attitude and killer instinct also made her fierce on the  mound mentally. Whomever has the opportunity to work with alex has found  a gem of a coach.”


Bob Corby – Bethlehem, PA

Thank you for your help with Valerie. Her pitching has greatly improved. I appreciate you pushing Val to train harder.


Leslie Miechur – Stroudsburg, PA

Regan is very confident you will provide her with everything she needs  to self correct. Thanks again Alex. It’s so nice to meet someone with  such a great spirit. You have such positive energy and it’s refreshing.


Don Craddock – Slatington, PA

My daughter just started with Alex last month and it’s already made a difference in her pitching and attitude.